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Shell Residences

₱ 32,000,000 - ₱ 37,400,000

Breeze Residences

₱ 12,000,000 - ₱ 14,500,000
Your splendid lifestyle is within the horizon in SMDC’s Breeze Residences. Revel in the famous Manila Bay sunset, or admire the view of the magnificent Makati skyline from your home. Indulge yourself with the best the city has to offer. Whether you step out to the area’s cultural and historical attractions or prefer to stay at home. An exciting life awaits you at Breeze ...

Sail Residences

₱ 11,200,000 ₱ 13,000,000

Shore 3 Residences

₱ 10,500,000 - ₱ 24,500,000

Sea Residences

₱ 8,300,000 - ₱ 14,200,000

Sands Residences

₱ 7,600,000 - ₱ 9,400,000

Gold Residences

₱ 7,400,000 - ₱ 17,000,000

Air Residences

₱ 6,800,000 - ₱ 7,500,000
Nothing says you’ve made it quite like a Makati Address. Air Residences gives you a privileged lifestyle combining a convenient location with the luxurious comfort of its signature amenities. Located within the Philippines’ premier business and financial district, Air Residences brings you to the doorstep of success. Living at the heart of Makati means everything is near you. You can now go to your ...

Lush Residences

₱ 6,800,000 - ₱ 9,800,000


Detailed descriptions of properties allow a good preselection. Prior to an inspection, we can provide additional high-resolution pictures. Thus, you can avoid needless inspections. If you decide for a property purchase, our complete network is at your disposal to complete the transaction.

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