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SM Development Corporation underscores commitment to democratized home ownership this New Year

Posted by EOM Web Master on January 13, 2022

Following a stellar run in 2021, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) remains committed to blazing trails in the Philippine real estate industry by creating innovative and sustainable developments that respond to the needs of Filipino homeowners and investors this new year.

Through a commitment to community-building and providing affordable housing, SMDC aims to give real estate buyers the best value for their hard-earned money by creating homes that provide the best possible living experiences now and for the future.

“Building a nation of homeowners has always been our vision at SMDC,” said Jose Mari Banzon, President of SMDC. “This vision has guided us in creating developments that enable more Filipinos to realize their dreams of owning homes, making them key parts of supportive and inclusive communities, and allowing them to thrive in spaces that minimize their impact on the environment,” he added.

Testament to this is the company’s focus on master planned mid-rise garden communities and house & lot developments. Engineered after SMDC’s award-winning business model, these developments are complete and are made affordable to enable more Filipinos to own a home and belong to a beautiful and safe community.

Record low mortgage rates and down payment schemes may seem like an enticing proposition to invest in property for any prospective buyer. But in terms of making the most out of investing in property, prospective monetary gains only tell one side of the story. To many, a property’s appeal lies not only in its location, but its viability for long-term use as well – for themselves, their future families, and the generations that could follow.

By enabling access to multiple facets of city life, economic opportunities and sustainability efforts that go beyond “green spaces”, here are ways any prospective homeowner can make the most out of investing in SMDC:

Developments that Drive Community Development

With a high value placed in community building, SMDC empowers the growth of thriving communities within their properties. From health and wellness caravans, community entrepreneurial programs, environmental stewardship initiatives and more, SMDC community programs under The Good Guys banner address the needs of various internal and external stakeholders.

These programs are conducted in partnership with Greenmist Property Management Corporation, as well as various government agencies and non-government organizations for sound rollouts that ensure the safety and security of SMDC communities.

Creating Sustainable Communities for more Filipinos

SMDC has long been a forerunner in building sustainable communities thanks to a more comprehensive approach. SMDC’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond “going green” through resource management designed to reduce construction waste, and provisions for 50 to 60 percent of land allotted for each development going towards safe green open space.

Through a three-pronged approach on sustainability with environmental, economic, and social lens, SMDC has built its business on the purpose of providing affordable homes that minimize environmental impact, follow building codes for disaster resilience, and place daily needs firmly within reach to help reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption.

This while generating employment for Filipinos from the construction of each project to the management of its completed communities where SMDC creates safe and secure living spaces that more sectors of society can enjoy.

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